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B A T (Bangladesh Automation Technologies) is a one of the best technical training center in Bangladesh. We are basically provide all kind of technical and Engineering training for Electrical & Electronics engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer engineering and Civil Engineering students for their better performance on the related field.

We have an expert and skill full Engineer for teaching. Need any kind of technical or engineering support such as Industrial automation, industrials attachment, university project and thesis, we are available here. We are serve two main focusing area one is professional training for engineer, innovative person and technologist, On the another focus is industrial automation support apparently PLC, HMI, Inverter, SCADA, FPGA, Microcontroller, Webpage Development and AutoCAD with various simulation tools. There is available a research & development center to analysis pure engineering and Inspire to engage new student for contribution in modern science .We are sharing our research achievement , technical theme to implement for supporting university project idea.

Please feel like to contact with us without any hesitation, we are always ready to any kind of technical help. Bangladesh Automation Technologies is better technical solution center in Bangladesh.

Best Teaching Panel

We have a lot of good Trainer and there are highly Qualified.They teach our Students in different Schedule.

Online/Offline Course

There are a lot of online and offline courses in our Institution.To know more about our course please visit our Courses menus.

Product's Store

We have a huge collection in our store house. You can find all kind of plc, Inveter, hmi, cable in our E-commerce site.

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