Advance Training Course on Microcontroller & Embedded System (Arduino)


Advance Training Course on Microcontroller & Embedded System (Arduino)


This course is designed for Electrical & Electronic Engineer Professionals, Students and Hobbyist to train them as embedded system developer. And build up experience with Arduino / Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontroller products, architectures and training materials. It is a practical approach on Arduino / Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller with basic Hardware concept and Embedded C programming. This course covers contents for basic understanding of embedded system and microcontroller programming methodologies using programming language C. It focuses on most popular microcontrollers of Arduino / Atmel AVR series in embedded industry. It also covers basic analog and digital electronics to understand microcontroller architecture and hardware design of embedded systems. It is a complete course module to acquire knowledge and practical experience to design and development of electronic devices with a programmable microcontroller.


  • To provide basics of embedded system.
  • Understanding microcontrollers and their architecture.
  • Programming tools and techniques.
  • Programming of Arduino / Atmel AVR series microcontroller using C.
  • Debugging and Simulation.
  • Design microcontroller based applications and interface to real world applications.
  • To impart knowledge in Industrial applications of embedded systems.
  • Industrial communication protocols.
  • Multiple processor communication and share data with each other.
  • Hardware Design.
  • Choosing hardware components and tools for prototype.
  • Prototype development and testing.

Platform: arduino-1.6.5 Compiler, Atmel AVR Studio, Visual Basic

Course Materials:

Course Duration: 45 Hours

Literature: 22 hours

Practical: 23 hours

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of electronics & electrical components and C programming language.

  • Digital Electronics / Algorithm
  • Programming Language C
  • Basic Electronics

Course Fees: 5,000

Batch Size: 10 – 12 Participants

Course Topics:

Session Description
Lecture01 Orientation
Introduction to Arduino
Comparison Microcontroller &
Arduino Board and I/O description
Overview of electronics components and
Installing Arduino IDE
Structure of Arduino sketeches
Session Description
Lecture02 What is Microcontroller
What is AVR
Why Arduino /AVR microcontroller
Comparison of Arduino with other MCU
Arduino Block diagram
microcontroller architecture
Block diagram
Session Description
Lecture03 Power Supply Design Basic concept
Embedded Programming C/C++
Arduino code syntax (loop, If else
statement, function etc
Session Description
Lecture04 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Session Description
Lecture05 Analog-to-digital converter- ADC
Analog Comparator
Session Description
Lecture06 Pulse Width Modulation-PWM
Practical LED dimmer using PWM
Session Description
Lecture07 Timers & Counters
Session Description
Lecture08 Basic communication protocols
RS-232 communication
Session Description
Lecture09 Wireless Communication
Session Description
Lecture10 Basic communication protocols
SPI communication
Session Description
Lecture11 Basic communication protocols
I2C communication
Session Description
Lecture12 GSM module
SIM card interface circuit design
Session Description
Lecture13 Image Processing
Graphical Programming
Visual Basic With Microcontroller
Session Description
Lecture 14 Student Final Project
Practical Assisting participants for their final project
Session Description
Lecture 15 Conclusion
Practical Review and Comments on Student final project