Advance Training Course on Delta Industrial Automation

NO of Class 14
Course Fee: 8,000/=
Duration Per Class 03 hours

Course Name: Advance Training  Course on Delta Industrial Automation

Course Outline

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  • What is automation?
  • Type of automation?
  • What is industrial automation?
  • What is industrial automation device?
  • Explain the industrial automation device
  • Advantage of automation
  • Disadvantage of automation
  • Application of automation
  • What is Inverter?
  • Advantage of Inverter
  • Disadvantage of Inverter
  • Type of Inverter
  • Application of Inverter
  • Explain the block diagram of VFI.
  • Explain the drive card of VFI.
  • What is power supply?
  • Type of power supply
  • Explain the SMPS or non-leaner Power supply
  • Explain the linear Power Supply
  • Explain the CPU
  • Explain the Connection diagram of VFI with motor
  • Programming (parameter set) of VFI and practical Implementation
PLC Hardware
  • What is PLC?
  • History of PLC?
  • Advantage of PLC.
  • Disadvantage of PLC.
  • Explain the block diagram of PLC.
  • Explain The Plc input module Circuit diagram.
  • Explain the power supply of PLC
  • Explain the CPU of PLC
  • Explain the power supply of PLC
PLC Hardware
  • Foreword: Background and Functions of PLC
  • The Working Principles of Ladder Diagram
  • Differences Between Traditional Ladder Diagram and PLC Ladder Diagram
  • Edition Explanation of Ladder Diagram
  • How to Edit Ladder Diagram
  • The Conversion of PLC Command and Each Diagram Structure
  • Simplified Ladder Diagram
  • Basic Program Designing Examples
  • All Devices in DVP-PLC
  • Values, Constants [K] / [H]
  • Numbering and Functions of External Input/output Contacts [X] / [Y ]
  • Numbering and Functions of Auxiliary Relays [M]
  • Numbering and Functions of Step Relays [S]
  • Numbering and Functions of Timers [T]
  • Numbering and Functions of Counters [C]
  • Numbering and Functions of Registers [D], [E], [F]
  • Data register [D]
  • Index Register [E], [F]
  • Functions and Features of File Registers
  • Pointer [N], Pointer [P], Interruption Pointer [I]
  • Special Auxiliary Relays and Special Data Registers
  • Functions of Special Auxiliary Relays and Special Registers
  • Communication Addresses of Devices in DVP Series PLC
  • Basic Instruction And step ladder Instruction
  • Explanation on basic instructions
  • Step Ladder Instructions [STL], [RET]
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • How does a Step Ladder Instruction Work?
  • Things to Note for Designing a Step Ladder Program
  • Types of Sequences
  • IST Instruction
  • List of Instructions
  • Composition of Application Instruction
  • Handling of Numeric Values
  • E, F Index Register Modification
  • Instruction Index
  • Loop Control
  • Transmission Comparison
  • Four Arithmetic Operation
  • Rotation & Displacement
  • Data Processing
  • High Speed Processing
  • Handy Instructions
  • Display of External Settings
  • Serial I/O
  • Communication
  • Floating Point Operation
  • Others
  • Position Control
  • Real Time Calendar
  • Gray Code Conversion/Floating Point Operation
  • Contact Type Logic Operation Instruction.
  • Contact Type Comparison Instruction
  • Word Device Bit Instruction
  • Floating-point Contact Type Comparison Instruction
  • What is HMI?
  • Advantage of HMI
  • Disadvantage of HMI
  • Explain the hardware configuration of HMI
  • Explain the name of delta HMI software and Cable
  • Explain the input output addressing system of delta HMI
  • Explain the instruction of delta HMI
  • HMI programming and practical application
Delta HMI
  • What is industrial communication?
  • Advantage of industrial communication
  • Type of industrial communication system
  • Programming, communication of PLC, VFI and HMI
  • Practical industrial communication PLC, VFI ,HMI and motor
Delta Inverter, PLC,HMi and Motor
  • What is servo drive?
  • Advantage of servo drive
  • Disadvantage of servo drive
  • Where application of servo drive
  • Parameter set and practical application of servo drive and servo motor
  • Communication HMI,PLC, Servo drive and Servo motor
Delta Servo Drive, Servo Motor, PLC HMI And Cable
14         Exam