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Industrial Automation Service

  1. PC base industrial Automation
  2. SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition)
  3. DCS(distributed control system)
  4. New industrial Automation installation
  5. Plan erection and commissioning
  6. Industrial automation troubleshooting
  7. PLC programming, installation and troubleshooting
  8. HMI programming, installation and troubleshooting
  9. Inverter programming, installation and troubleshooting
  10. Servo drive programming, installation and troubleshooting
  11. Electrical machine erection, commissioning, and troubleshooting

Microcontroller Support

  1. Customized & Internet controlled LED Display solution
  2. Low cost Industrial Automation solution which is complicated using PLC
  3. Industrial Machine to Machine data communication using Radio Frequency
  4. Data acquisition from any machine and save it locally or transmit it to the web server using Microcontroller ( like as small SCADA)
  5. Various Low Cost Industrial Sensor interfacing.
  6. Customized Power Factor corrector design.
  7. Remote controlled Machine status check using GSM-Mobile technology.
  8. Fingerprint and RFID based time attendance system.
  9. Customized and remotely accessible anti-theft security system and fire alarm system design.

Product Support

  1. PLC(programmable logic controller)
  2. VFI(Variable frequency inverter)
  3. HMI(Human machine interface)
  4. Servo drive
  5. DC drive
  6. Industrial sensor and switch
  7. Low voltage device
  8. microcontroller
  9. Electrical, electronics equipment and device
  10. Robotics
  11. Robotics

Innovative Products

  1. Lab Instruments & Trainer Boards
  2. Customized 3D printer
  3. 3D custom mold design
  4. GSM based automation system
  5. GPS based tracking system
  6. Intelligent Robot
  7. Image processing tools
  8. Industrial Automation solution
  9. SCADA System Installation
  10. Raspberry-pi based embedded solution
  11. PCB fabrication and development
More Services

We Have also some Traning Course