Advance Training Course on Auto-CAD



Course Name:Auto-Cad

No of class36
Course Fee12,000
No of class/week3 days
Duration of per class3 hours
Duration of total course3 Months

Course outline:

01.What is Auto-Cad?

02.What is 2D & 3D?

03.Types of Drawing

04.Types of Dimension

05.Page setup of Auto-Cad

06.Make a new layer of Auto-Cad

07.Some important note of Auto-Cad

08.Total 2D command 85 nos.

09.Total 3D command 20 nos.

10.3D view.

11. Project Basics Class.

12. Drawing Concepts.

13. Drawing Analysis(Section & Elevation).

14.Creating  Drawing Sheets & Drawing Properties.

Total 2D Command List:

Class NoTopicTypesRemarks  
01.Page setup of Auto-CadTheoretical +PracticalManual &compute r
02.Line ,Line value Line angle, Line close ,Single erase, All erase.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
03.Select return erase, Undo, Redo, Poly line.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
04.Poly line value, Poly line angle, Poly line close, Poly line ARC.Theoretical +PracticalManual&computer\
05.Construction Line(X Line), X Line Vertical, X Line Horizontal, X Line AngleTheoretical +PracticalManual &computer    
06.EXAM         Marks =30                 Duration= 1 Hour
Class NoTopicTypesRemarks  
07.Ray, Multi Line,SP Line,Point,Point style.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
08.Block,Insert,Point Divide.Theoretical +PracticalManual & compute  
09.Block Divide,Block Measure.Theoretical +PracticalManual &compute r
10.Dodad,Line,Pan,Zoom,Zoom all,Zoomwindow.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer  
11.Circle,Circle 2P,Circle 3P,Rectangle.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
12.EXAM         Marks =30                 Duration= 1 Hour
13.ARC,Line type,Line type scale,Return main Line.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
14.Copy,Copy value,Move,Move value  Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
15.Offset,Continius Offset,Mirror, Extend, Trim.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
16.Rotate,Rotate Copy, Lenthen Dynamic, Lenthen Delta.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
17.Lenthen Total,Lenthen Present. Boundary, Explode.Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
18.EXAM         Marks =30                 Duration= 1 Hour
19.,Scale. Break Line, Chamfer Distance. Fillet Radius,Arc,Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
20.Ellipse, Ellipse Arc, Rectangular Array. Polar Array,Return Copy,Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer    
21.Return Move, Zoom Previous, Zoom Extend. Rectangle Chamfer. Rentangle FilletTheoretical +PracticalManual &computer
22.Rectangle RemoveChamfer, Rectangle Remove Fillet,Petit(Joint), Layer,Hatch,Theoretical +PracticalManual &computer
23.Match Propertise,Cut or Delete. Polygon,Trace,Scale,AlalineTheoretical +PracticalManual &computer
24.EXAM         Marks =30                 Duration= 1 Hour

Total 3D Commands:

Class No.TopicTypesRemarks  
25.What is 3D? 3D View,Extrude,3D Boundary,Extrude faces.Theoretical +PracticalManual & computer
26.Inquiry,3D Copy,3D Copy value,3D move,3D move value.Theoretical +PracticalManual & computer
27.EXAM         Marks =30                 Duration= 1 Hour  
28.3D Rotate,3D Fillet,3D Chamfer, Substract,Union.Theoretical +PracticalManual & computer
29.Slice,Extrude path,Torus,3D Array,3D Orbit.Theoretical +PracticalManual & computer
30.EXAM         Marks =30                 Duration= 1 Hour

Project Base Class:

Class No.TopicTypesRemarks  
31.Project 1Theoretical +PracticalManual  
32.Project 2Theoretical +PracticalManual  
33.Project 3ComputerComputer  
34.Project 4ComputerComputer  
35.Layer, Drawing convert to pdf.ComputerComputer  
36.EXAM                                     Marks =30             Duration= 1 Hour  

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