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Advance Training Course on Allen-Bradlly Industrial Automation

Course Name: Advance Training Course on Allen-Bradlly Industrial Automation
NO of Class14
Course Fee8,000
Duration Per Class03 hours
Course Outline
Class NOTopicsApparatus
01(a)What is automation? (b)Type of automation? (c)What is industrial automation? (d)What is industrial automation device? (e)Explain the industrial automation device (f)Advantage of automation (g)Disadvantage of automation (h)Application of automationN/A
02(a)What is Inverter? (b)Advantage of Inverter (c)Disadvantage of Inverter (d)Type of Inverter (e)Application of Inverter (f)Explain the block diagram of VFI. (g)Explain the drive card of VFI.Inverter
03(a)What is power supply? (b)Type of power supply (c)Explain the SMPS or non-leaner Power supply (d)Explain the linear Power Supply (e)Explain the CPU (f)Explain the Connection diagram of VFI with motor (g)Programming (parameter set) of VFI and practical ImplementationPLC Hardware
04(a)What is PLC? (b)History of PLC? Advantage of PLC. (c)Disadvantage of PLC. (d)Explain the block diagram of PLC. (f)Explain The Plc input module Circuit diagram. (g)Explain the power supply of PLC (h)Explain the CPU of PLC (i)Explain the power supply of PLCPLC Hardware
05(a)Foreword: Background and Functions of PLC (b)The Working Principles of Ladder Diagram (c)Differences Between Traditional Ladder Diagram and PLC Ladder Diagram (d)Edition Explanation of Ladder Diagram (e)How to Edit Ladder Diagram (f)The Conversion of PLC Command and Each Diagram Structure (g)Simplified Ladder Diagram (h)Basic Program Designing Examples  PC
06(a)All Devices in LS PLC (b)Values, Constants [K] / [H] (c)Numbering and Functions of External Input/output Contacts [X] / [Y (d)Numbering and Functions of Auxiliary Relays [M] (e)Numbering and Functions of Step Relays [S] (f)Numbering and Functions of Timers [T] (g)Numbering and Functions of Counters [C] (h)Numbering and Functions of Registers [D], [E], [F] (i)Data register [D] (j)Index Register [E], [F] (k) Functions and Features of File Registers (l)Pointer [N], Pointer [P], Interruption Pointer [I] (m)Special Auxiliary Relays and Special Data Registers (n)Functions of Special Auxiliary Relays and Special Registers (o)Communication Addresses of Devices in DVP Series PLCPC
07(a)Basic Instruction And step ladder Instruction (b)Explanation on basic instructions (c)Step Ladder Instructions [STL], [RET] (d)Sequential Function Chart (SFC) (e)How does a Step Ladder Instruction Work? (f)Things to Note for Designing a Step Ladder Program (g)Types of Sequences (h)IST Instruction  PC
08(a)List of Instructions (b)Composition of Application Instruction (c)Handling of Numeric Values (d)E, F Index Register Modification Instruction Index (e)Loop Control (f)Transmission Comparison (g)Four Arithmetic Operation (h)Rotation & Displacement (i)Data Processing  PC
09(a)High Speed Processing (b)Handy Instructions (c)Display of External Settings Serial I/O (d)Communication (e)Floating Point Operation (f)Floating Point Operation Floating Point Operation,PC
10(a)Others (b)Position Control (c)Real Time Calendar (d)Gray Code Conversion/Floating Point Operation (e)Contact Type Logic Operation Instruction.(f)Contact Type Comparison Instruction (g)Word Device Bit Instruction (h)Floating-point Contact Type Comparison InstructionPC
    11(a)What is HMI? (b)Advantage of HMI (c)Disadvantage of HMI (d)Explain the hardware configuration of HMI (e)Explain the name of Allen Bradley HMI software and Cable (f)Explain the input output addressing system of delta HMI (g)Explain the instruction of LS HMI (h)HMI programming and practical application LS HMI
12(a)What is industrial communication? (b)Advantage of industrial communication (c)Type of industrial communication system (d)Programming, communication of PLC, VFI and HMI (e)Practical industrial communication PLC, VFI ,HMI and motorDelta Inverter, PLC,HMI and Motor
13(a)What is servo drive? (b)Advantage of servo drive (c)Disadvantage of servo drive (d)Where application of servo drive (e)Parameter set and practical application of servo drive and servo motor (f)Communication HMI,PLC, Servo drive and Servo motorDelta Servo Drive, Servo Motor, PLC HMI And Cable

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