Advance Microcontroller

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Course duration 36 class
Course Fee: 6,000 TK
Duration per class: 03 hour
Course Type: Long Course



This course is designed for Electrical & Electronic Engineer Professionals, Students and Hobbyist to train them as an embedded system developer. And build up experience with Arduino / Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontroller products, architectures, and training materials. It is a practical approach on Arduino / Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller with basic Hardware concept and Embedded C programming. This course covers contents for a basic understanding of the embedded system and microcontroller programming methodologies using programming language C. It focuses on the most popular microcontrollers of Arduino / Atmel AVR series in the embedded industry. It also covers basic analog and digital electronics to understand microcontroller architecture and hardware design of embedded systems. It is a complete course module to acquire knowledge and practical experience to design and development of electronic devices with a programmable microcontroller.




  • To provide the basics of the embedded system.
  • Understanding microcontrollers and their architecture.
  • Programming tools and techniques.
  • Programming of Arduino / Atmel AVR series microcontroller using C++.
  • Debugging and Simulation.
  • Design microcontroller based applications and interface to real-world applications.
  • To impart knowledge in Industrial applications of embedded systems.
  • Industrial communication protocols.
  • Multiple processor communication and share data with each other.
  • Hardware Design.
  • Choosing hardware components and tools for a prototype.
  • Prototype development and testing.

Platform: Arduino-1.6.5 Compiler, Atmel AVR Studio, Visual Basic


Class 01: Orientation Introduction with Microcontroller  and Embedded System

  • What is an embedded system?
  • What is the Microcontroller?
  • How to design a system?
  • What is Automation?
  • Where we use it?

Class 02: Introduction with Basic Electronics (Part 1)

  • Overview of Voltage
  • Overview of Current
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Overview of Resistor
  • Overview of Capacitor
  • Application Of  Resistor, Capacitor

Class 03: Introduction with Basic Electronics (Part 2)

  • Voltage and Current Divider Rule
  • Overview of Diode
  • Overview of Transistor
  • Overview of Opt-coupler
  • Application Of  Diode, Transistor, Opt-coupler

Class 04: Introduction with Basic Electronics (Part 3)

  • Overview of Mosfet
  • Overview of Triac
  • Overview of Rectifier
  • Application Of  Mosfet, Triac, Rectifier

Class 05: C programming Overview

  • What is C?
  • Why chose C?
  • Overview of Code Blocks.
  • Create a simple program.

Class 06: Variable, Statement

  • What is the variable?
  • Type of variable?
  • What is the statement?
  • When and where use statement?

Class 07: Loop

  • What is the loop?
  • Type of loop?
  • Describe them.

Class 08: Function

  • What is a function?
  • Why use a function?
  • When use function.

Class 09: Overview of Arduino and Proteus. Installation of Arduino and Proteus

  • What is Arduino?
  • Why chose Arduino?
  • Arduino Board and I/O description
  • Overview of sensors
  • Installing Arduino IDE
  • Installing Proteus
  • Structure of Arduino sketches

Class 10: Simple Program On Arduino

  • Simple Program on Arduino IDE
  • Blink Led and Simulation on Proteus
  • Upload program in Arduino
  • Digital Output Signal
  • Communication Arduino And Computer
  • Arduino to Computer Massage print

Class 11: Digital Input Output

  • What is digital Signal
  • Overview of Digital Input Signal
  • How to interface Arduino and digital sensor?
  • How to read Digital Sensor and switch data?

Class 12: PIR Security System

  • What is PIR?
  • Overview of PIR Sensor.
  • Interface of Arduino to PIR?
  • How to Read PIR Data?
  • Automatic Security System.

Class 13: Analog To Digital Read

  • Overview of Analog Sensor.
  • What is Analog Signal?
  • How to interface Arduino to Analog sensor and Device?
  • How to Read Analog Data?

Class 14: Automatic Road Light Control via LDR

  • What is LDR?
  • Overview of LDR Sensor.
  • How to interface Arduino LDR Sensor?
  • How to Read LDR Data?
  • Road light Control via LDR.

Class 15: Temperature Monitoring and Control Fan

  • Learn About Lm35
  • Interfacing Lm35 & Arduino
  • Temperature Checking using Lm35
  • Program And Simulation
  • Temperature Control Fan

Class 16: PWM

  • What is PWM
  • Led dimmer using PWM
  • Motor Speed Control

Class 17: Obstacle sensor Read and Line Following Robot (part 1) 

  • What is Obstacle Sensor?
  • Arduino and Sensor Interfacing and read data.
  • Overview of Line following Robot

Class 18: Obstacle sensor Read and Line Following Robot (part 2) 

  • Line following Robot interfacing
  • Programming of Line following Robot and simulating

Class 19: Ultrasonic Sensor Interface

  • What is Ultrasonic Sensor?
  • Overview of Ultrasonic Sensor.
  • How to interface Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor?
  • How to Read Ultrasonic Data?
  • How to measure destines using Ultrasonic sensor

Class 20: Object Avoiding  Robot

  • What is Object Avoiding Robot?
  • Application of Object Avoiding Robot
  • Hardware Setup
  • Programming and Simulation

Class 21: Segment Display And Project

  • 7 segment Display Interfacing with Arduino
  • Programming & Simulation

Class 22: Liquid Crystal Display And Project

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Interfacing with Arduino
  • Programming & Simulation

Class 23: Dot Matrix Display

  • Learn about Dot matrix display
  • Connection and Simulation

Class 24: Servo Motor Control

  • Learn About Servo Motor
  • Application of Servomotor
  • Setup With Arduino
  • Program and Simulation

Class 25: Bluetooth Communication And Project

  • Learn about Bluetooth Module
  • Setup BT Module with Arduino
  • Communicate with Phone
  • Send data from phone to Microcontroller and display

Class 26: Bluetooth Control Home automation

  • What is Home Automation?
  • Setup Arduino Bluetooth And relay
  • Programming
  • Control Relay via Arduino

Class 27: Voice Control Home Automation using Bluetooth

  • Hardware Setup
  • Programming and Simulation

Class 28: Bluetooth Control Robotics Car

  • Hardware Setup
  • Control Robot Car via Bluetooth

Class 29: Bluetooth Control Robotics Arm

  • What is robotics Arm
  • Robotics Arm Application
  • Hardware Setup
  • Control Robot Arm via Bluetooth.

Class 30: Keypad interfacing And data read

  • What is the keypad?
  • Application of keypad.
  • Interfacing with Arduino
  • Read Keypad data

Class 31: Wireless Communication

  • Learn About RF Communication
  • Setup And Programming

Class 32: GSM Communication

  • Learn About GSM module
  • SIM card interface circuit design
  • programming

Class 33: ETHERNET Communication

  • Learn About Ethernet module
  • Connecting Arduino
  • programming

Class 34: Wi-Fi Communication

  • Learn About Wi-Fi module
  • Connecting Arduino
  • programming

Class 35: PCB Design

  • Basic concept about PCB Design

Class 35: Exam

  • Review and Comments on Student final project


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